Compaq 510B Getting Started Guide

Summary of contents

  • Getting Started
    • Installing and Customizing the Software
      • Installing the Windows Operating System
      • Downloading Microsoft Windows Updates
      • Installing or Upgrading Device Drivers (Windows systems)
      • Customizing the Monitor Display (Windows systems)
      • Launching Windows XP from Windows 7
      • Accessing Disk Image (ISO) Files
    • Protecting the Software
    • Vision Diagnostics (Windows systems)
      • Accessing Vision Diagnostics (Windows systems)
      • Downloading the Latest Version of Vision Diagnostics
    • Turning Off the Computer
    • Finding More Information
    • Before You Call for Technical Support
    • Helpful Hints
    • Basic Troubleshooting
      • HP Support Assistant
      • Interpreting POST Diagnostic Front Panel LEDs and Audible Codes
    • Restore and Recovery
      • Microsoft System Restore
      • System Recovery
        • System Recovery Options
        • System Recovery from the Windows 7 Start Menu
        • System Recovery at System Startup
        • System Recovery from Recovery Media
      • Recovery Media
        • Choosing Recovery Media
        • Creating Recovery Media
    • Using, Updating, and Maintaining Your PC (Windows 7 Systems)
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