Compaq BL10e HP BladeSystem c-Class architecture

Summary of contents

  • Abstract
  • Evaluating requirements for next-generation server and storage blades
  • HP BladeSystem c-Class architecture overview
  • Component overview
  • General-purpose compute solution
    • Physically scalable form factors
      • Blade form factors
      • Interconnect form factors
      • Star topology
    • NonStop signal midplane provides flexibility
      • Physical layer similarities among I/O fabrics
      • Connectivity between blades and interconnect modules
    • NonStop signal midplane enables modularity
  • BladeSystem c-Class architecture provides high bandwidth and compute performance
    • Server-class components
    • NonStop signal midplane scalability
      • Best practices
      • Separate power backplane
      • Channel topology and emphasis settings
      • Signal midplane provides reliability
    • Power backplane scalability and reliability
  • Power and cooling architecture with HP Thermal Logic
    • Server blades and processors
    • Enclosure
      • Meeting data center configurations
      • High-efficiency voltage conversions
      • Dynamic Power Saver Mode
      • Active Cool fans
      • PARSEC architecture
  • Configuration and management technologies
    • Integrated Lights-out technology
    • Onboard Administrator
    • Virtualized network infrastructure with Virtual Connect technology
  • Availability technologies
    • Redundant configurations
    • Reliable components
    • Reduced logistical delay time
  • Conclusion
  • For more information
  • Call to action
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