Compaq BL10e HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Featuring Survey Utility an

Summary of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Importance of Service Tools
  • What is the Insight Diagnostics Online Edition?
  • How Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Works
    • Theory of Operation
    • Online Serviceability: Configuration Capture and Online Reporting
    • Simplified Collection Process
  • Automated Configuration History/Audit Trail Reporting
    • Integration with the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
    • Collecting and Updating Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Information
  • Accessing and Viewing Information
    • Accessing from a Browser
      • Browser Requirements
    • Accessing from System Management Homepage
    • Accessing from Systems Insight Manager
      • Logging In
  • Creating Reports
  • Transferring and Printing Survey Files
  • Conclusion
  • Specifications
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