Compaq BL10e ISS Technology Update, Volume 7, Number 7

Summary of contents

  • The influence of memory latency and bandwidth on system perf
  • Meet the Expert—Vincent Nguyen
    • Why did you decide to become an engineer?
      • What are your favorite inventions?
      • How much customer input goes into the design of your product
      • What must HP do to remain the leader in industry-standard se
  • Soft memory errors caused by natural phenomena
  • Spotlight: HP Microsoft Solutions Lab benefits customers, pa
    • Focus on Microsoft solutions for HP servers
    • Review and test solutions
    • Essentially an R&D team, the lab members routinely review an
    • Proof of concept
    • Current lab projects
    • Summary
    • Additional resources
  • Overview of Microsoft® Windows® Essential Server Solutions
    • Introduction to Windows Small Business Server 2008
      • Benefits of Windows SBS
      • Introduction to Windows Essential Business Server 2008
      • Benefits of Windows EBS
      • Additional resources
  • Recently published industry standard server technology commu
  • Contact us
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