Compaq CL380 Implementing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Foundation on HP ProLi

Summary of contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction to Windows Server 2008 Foundation
    • Understanding Windows Server 2008 Foundation
      • Windows Server 2008 Foundation is a technology that enables core IT resources, such as file and print sharing, remote access, and security. It provides a network foundation from which you can centrally manage settings on your computers that are based on the Windows operating system, and upon which you can run the most popular business applications. It also provides a familiar Windows user experience that helps you manage users and safeguard business information.
    • Obtaining Windows Server 2008 Foundation
    • Comparing Windows Server 2008 editions
      • Table 1 details the key differences of Windows Server 2008 editions:
    • Upgrading Windows Server 2008 Foundation to Windows Server 2008 Standard
    • Windows Server 2008 Foundation features
      • Table 2 details the key features for Windows Server 2008 Foundation.
  • Supported configurations
    • Recommended system configuration
    • Recommended ProLiant server platforms
  • Supported components for ProLiant servers
  • Installing Windows Server 2008 Foundation overview
    • Pre-installation tasks
  • HP ProLiant Support Pack
    • Obtaining the PSP
    • Installing the PSP
  • Installing HP ProLiant ML/DL 300 Series via the SmartStart Media
  • Installing HP ProLiant ML/DL 100 Series Servers via the Easy Setup CD
  • Installing Windows Server 2008 Foundation
  • For more information
  • Call to action
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