Compaq CQ1200 Getting Started

Summary of contents

  • Setting Up Your Computer
    • Checking the Computer Installation
    • Connecting Speakers or Microphones
    • Connecting to a Network
    • Connecting a Modem
    • Connecting the Television Signal and Video Cables
  • Preparing to Use Your Computer
    • Turning Off the Computer
    • Restarting the Computer
    • Connecting to the Internet
    • Adjusting the Speaker Volume
    • Selecting the Microphone
    • Protecting Your Computer
    • Configuring the Computer for Automatic Microsoft Software Updates
    • Setting Up User Accounts
    • Guidelines for Installing Software and Hardware Devices
    • Transferring Files and Settings from an Old Computer to Your New Computer
  • Special Features of Your Computer
    • Using the Memory Card Reader
    • Using a Vertical CD/DVD Drive
    • Using LightScribe Technology
    • Using the Remote Control
  • Getting More Information
    • Using the Help and Support Center
    • Accessing Support on the Web
    • Finding Guides on the Web
    • Finding Onscreen Guides
    • Using the PC Help & Tools Folder
    • Using HP Advisor Software
    • Using the Computer with Safety and Comfort
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting Computer Problems
    • Software Troubleshooting
    • Maintenance
    • Keeping the Computer Free of Dust, Dirt, and Heat
    • System Recovery
    • Performing the Post-Recovery Procedure
    • Additional Troubleshooting
  • Index
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